Team Fortress 2 Server Information

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Team Fortress 2 Server Information

Postby Janaz_Leonhart » Mon Apr 21, 2014 1:13 pm

Vertigo Gaming hosts a Mann vs. Machine TF2 Server. Mann vs. Machine
Port: 27025
"This weapon, this Keyblade picked me. I never questioned why, I've just wielded it to help the defenseless, to protect those who needed it. But I am a SeeD, and we always complete the job. So regardless of what you do to me, throw at me, or even take from me Xemnas... In the end I will always be in Organization 13's face, in The Combine's face... In any form of evil and wicked that attempts to harm the good and innocent. The one thing you will find is even with Ultimecia imprisoned inside of me, I still fight for her too, for what she once was... For what SHE stood for, before your type of darkness took what she was away from her!"

Janaz to Xemnas during the Battle Above Esthar Garden.
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